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Horrorfield is an amazing online action horror game that is really team-based and awesome to play online. You can play with people from all over the world in real time. You can play as a survivor or as a psycho. There are 7 survivors for you to choose and more to come with developers making this game constantly better. So you can play as:
– Basketball player – the fastest hero
– Doctor – can heal himself and others
– Engineer – can fix generators and craft items quicker
– Thief – stealth and dexterity
– Mercenary – soldier with high morale
– Scientist – can upgrade military equipment, spread his aura of wisdom to the other survivors
– Police officer – can catch the murderer.
If you decide to play as a survivor you will have one goal – to survive and escape. You will have to join forces and plan together, help eachother and combine your abilities. Play in an enclosed space full of deadly traps and secret hiding places. Also, the time is your enemy so you have to repair the generators as fast as you can. There is no time for you to build a shelter. You have to stay alive and split as quickly as you can. The abandoned asylum is filled with horrifying traps and secret hiding places. You have to find and repair generators to turn the power on and escape the maniac. Whatever you do, do not make a sound! Of course, you can also play as a psycho and there are four of them for you to choose from:
– Butcher – can break generators and prevent survivors from escaping
– Cultist – damned monster from mental hospital who yearns to sacrifice the survivors
– Ghost – passes through the walls and terrify victims
– Beast – can turn into the bloodthirsty wolf.
As a psycho you have to search the desolate shelter, bewilder every victim hiding in the dark labyrinth and commit murder. Do whatever you can to prevent the survivors from escaping. You are super strong but this might not be enough – you have to outsmart them! And if you have any problems with this game you can give Horrorfield Cheats a try. If you decide to do so, remember to always follow the included instructions, only then you might have a chance to generate unlimited resources with Horrorfield Hack. So, this game has amazing maniac mode that gives you a chance to develop strategy for hunting your victims, but it also has amazing survivor mode with cooperatively escaping. There is amazing chance to level up your heroes and upgrade its skills. Crafting system is also epic and the graphcis are stunning. There are more epic things to come but as of right now, it already is a fantastic mobile game that you really have to give a try. Good luck and remember, if you play as survivor, do not make a sound, and if you play as a psycho – set the world on fire!

Horrorfield Cheats

How to use Horrorfield Hack

Quick instruction on how to get Horrorfield Cheats to give you a chance to get all the resources that are available in the game. So first, I have to say that this program is working both with iOS and Android devices. With is you migh get a chance to generate Silver and Gold for you to become the best player in the world. It will make your game super fun for sure. It has special anti-ban protection so you will not get banned in the game. All you have to do is to click the button below and follow the included instructions. Best of luck!

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